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Public Health and Education in Nigeria (PHENIG)
 This guests on the show were the Organizers of PHENIG:

Folusho Ogunfiditimi MPH, PA-C. (phone-in)
Executive Director / Founder

Bonike Odegbami Ph.D (phone-in guest)
Director of Education / Co-founder 

Adenike Adetoro MSc, MPH (studio guest)
Director of Public Relations 

Jelili A. Ojodu MPH (studio guest) 
Asst Director of Public Health

The topic of discussion is – Increasing public awareness and delivery of public health and educational services in Nigeria. 

Public Health and Education in Nigeria, is a non profit 501 ( c)(3)organization formed by a group of professional Nigerians living in the United States with mission “to offer education, health, and human services to Nigerians in Nigeria in an effort to enhance their ability to contribute to the socioeconomic, environmental and cultural fabric of the country”.

The organization’s name reflects the combined vision of the founders and mirrors the interests of all its members and all operate under the premise that health care and education are not only important economic factors in Nigeria but also fundamental human rights for all citizens.

PHENIG’s primary objective is to improve public health and education among Nigerians. With the successful implementation of programs geared towards specific community’s needs, PHENIG envisions healthy families and communities in Nigeria. The group serves as an advocate of and catalyst for improvement in the present status of health and education in Nigeria. PHENIG believes in listening to the voice of the people who are in need of improvement. The approach adopted by PHENIG is the “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”. This approach allows PHENIG to identify the needs of “the people” and provide opportunities to satisfy those needs in stages.

Some current PHENIG projects include:

(i)          HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Project

(ii)         Universally Free School Breakfast Project

(iii)       “Operation Cloth the Nation” Project

(iv)       Prostate Diseases and Cancer Awareness Program

(v)        Maternal & Child Mortality Reduction Campaign

The goal of PHENIG is to transpose the effects of these projects nationwide and influence the overall health and education system in Nigeria.

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